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CTM 30 Day Account

What is a 30-day account?

CTM offers a 30-day, interest free account for builders and contractors. Statements and invoices are distributed on a monthly basis by our centralised debtors’ department and payment is due within 30 days from statement (i.e. March purchases are due for payment by 30 April). As long as the account is settled in 30 days no interest will be charged on the account.
Each client will receive a unique account number that will be activated at your store. You will invoice against their account number on SAP.

What does this mean for our store?

For each CTM Store a 30-day account sale is similar to a cash sale. On the day of purchase the risk is transferred to Italtile. Italtile has set up a centralised debtors department that deals with all the administration on the account, this includes sending the statements and invoices to the clients on a monthly basis, collecting the outstanding balances and insuring the risk.

How does a client apply for a 30-day Account?

Complete the Online CTM credit application form. Clients will receive an e-mail with a unique URL link to their completed CTM application. Clients need to print the application form and a director or authorised signatory must initial every page of the completed application form and sign in full in the spaces provided. Clients will upload their signed application form by using this link.

The following the supporting documentation is required with every application and can also be uploaded by using the link provided.

Sole Proprietors



Latest financial statements

Latest financial statements

Latest financial statements


ID’s for all trustees

ID’s for all directors

Proof of banking details

Proof of banking details

Proof of banking details

VAT registration if applicable

Trust deed confirming Trustees and that trust is permitted to trade

CIPC Documents

Resolution confirming authorised signatories

Resolution confirming authorised signatories

The application process takes 7 working days to complete. Please note that we can only start our process once we have received the signed application form and all the supporting documents. Please keep the original, signed application form in a safe place in case we need it in future.

What is my stores’ responsibility?

Verify the debtor

To prevent fraud, it is important to verify that the application form you received is in fact for the client you think you are talking to. If the sale is too good to be true it probably is. The best way to do this is to visit the site they are building in your area or their offices.

Keep the original application form

Should we need to go to court at some point to collect outstanding funds from a client, we will need the original application form. Please keep it in a safe place.

Understand your client’s requirements

Ask your client what their order process is. Who is allowed to place orders, must it be in writing on a formal purchase order? Who is allowed to sign for stock on site?

Please keep all POD’s

For every invoice, the client needs to sign proof of delivery and this has to be kept on file should the client need this as proof. If a client disputes an invoice, and you are not able to provide the POD, you will be required to pass a credit note for the invoice.

Don’t sell on cash to a client whose account is blocked

If a client did not pay their account on time the debtors department will block the account and you will not be able to invoice further. To comply with our insurance rules, you are not allowed to provide stock to this client on a cash basis. They should use the funds to settle the account first.

Blocking of dormant accounts

Dormant accounts get blocked to mitigating the risk of fraud on inactive accounts and in ensuring KYC (Know your customer) at all times. CTM 3 month’s inactive accounts will be blocked for sales. CTM 9 month’s inactive account list will be communicated to the stores one month before the accounts limits will be removed as per the policy.

Block Account

Remove SAP Limit

Remove CGIC Insurance


Inactive 3 Months



Inactive 9 Months




Reactivating inactive accounts (accounts inactive for more than 3 months and 9 months)

Only if we hold a limit in SAP and CGIC may the customer account be reactivated by the debtors department. Ownership of these accounts must be established by asking pertinent questions. This will include validation of documentation we currently hold. Once ownership of the account has remained unchanged may the account be re-activated on 3 months inactive, 9 months inactive follow the same process with the exception of account been submitted for vetting and reapplying for a limit.

Re-allocation of limits

Between CTM and Italtile – Written request from customer to move limits. You can’t use a CTM account to make purchase from and Italtile or Italtile account to purchase from CTM account.

Contact details

The accounts department provides support during the following hours – Monday to Friday between 7am and 4pm.

For all account queries please contact our debtors’ department at Italtile

Matome Mphela
011 510 9066
[email protected]
Liza-Maud Lobban
011 510 9030
[email protected]