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Rubi Fast Manual Tile Cutter 65

Manual Tile Cutter
KES 24,569

Manual tile cutters with multiple point breaker, allowing you to make that perfect diagonal cuts. Double guide rails for more precise scoring visibility. Includes a guide for repetitive cuts.

Rubi FAST Manual 65 - Light & Versatile Manual Tile Cutter Features.

  • Maximum cutting length: 650mm.
  • Maximum cutting thickness: 12mm.
  • Maximum diagonal cut: 450x450mm.
  • Ideal for cutting: ceramic tiles.
  • Lightweight base - made of extruded aluminium.
  • Versatile cutter, with great structural strength and breaking power.
  • With lateral stop and 45° square, for repetitive and diagonal cuts.
  • Robust mobile separator assembly.
  • Reinforced steel 18mm cutting guides for greater resilience. Chrome-plated for maximum durability.
  • With four lateral supports, fully adjustable, for better stability when working with bigger heavy tiles.
  • Interchangeable scoring wheels, allowing the best results in common ceramic materials.
  • 6mm scoring wheel included.

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