Cowrie White Bath 1815X960

Thickened Acrylic Built In Bath
KES 28,000

The Cowrie bath is a stunning rectangular shaped luxurious bath.

All Cowrie baths have at least a 3mm super-wood board, re-enforcing the bottom of the bath. The baths are then strengthen more when they are sprayed with a complex mix of resin and fiberglass, to give the customer an end product which has longevity and lasting strength.

Even though the baths are an attractive price, the bath is durable and long wearing if cared for.

The baths have a high gloss surface, which will not stain, rust or corrode. But the bath still has to be cared for in the recommended manner.

Baths must be cleaned with a non-corrosive (it may disintegrate the bath) and non-abrasive bath (it may scratch the bath). Please do not put any heavy products in the bath.

This Cowrie bath is available in white and beige colours.

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