How Much Do Tiles Cost?

Calculating Tile Cost Using Your Area

Floor tiles are a great way to change the look of your room, they are also very strong and durable enough to withstand the constant foot traffic of a busy home and are very easy to maintain.

The cost of tiles in Kenya depends on the size of the tile and it’s origin. Tiles manufactured in South Africa are cheaper compared to those manufactured in Italy and Spain. Smaller tiles are also cheaper than large format tiles due to the manufacturing process and also the thickness of the tile.

On average the prices of floor tiles in Kenya is between Ksh 900 to Ksh 4,500 per square meter i.e. 1 meter by 1 meter square.

See below a few popular tile sizes we have at CTM:











Ceramic floor tiles are larger and thicker than wall tiles in size so they can withstand the weight of foot traffic. Tiles come in different shapes and sizes, but if you are working on a budget then square and rectangular tiles are the best and cheapest options. In addition to being cheaper to buy, they are also easier to install compared to hexagonal or octagonal tiles.

Types of Floor Tiles

There are a variety of floor tiles available in the Kenya retail market, and the costs range depending on the kind of floor tiles and the quality. Ceramic tiles are among the cheapest options because you can easily cut them and when properly sealed, will be waterproof. Being waterproof makes them ideal to be used on bathroom floors.

The types found at CTM are: Ceramic tiles, Porcelain tiles and Mosaic tiles.

Each of the floor tile types has attractive properties such as durability and the different finish of the tile.

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How Do I Get A Quote For Tiles

To get a quote for the area you wish to tile is easy. You just need to measure your length and width of the floor you wish to tile, in meters, and multiply the length by the width to get the area. If you wish to tile a wall then you need to measure the width of the wall and its height.



E.g. 15m2 X Ksh 1,250 / m2 = Ksh 18,750/-

Once you have got your area in square meters. You can check the prices of the different tiles we have on our different tile category pages and multiply the price seen with your area to get the approximate cost to tile that area. It is that simple!




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