Tile Grouts

Tile Grouts

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  1. ProGrip Beige Waterproof Grout - 5 Kg

    For All Beige Wall & Floor Tiles

    KES 699
  2. -10%
    Eva Grout Trowel

    For Applying Tile Grout

    Special Price KES 323 was KES 359
  3. KES 699
  4. KES 699
  5. KES 699
  6. KES 699
  7. KES 659

What Is Tile Grout?

Grout is used as a filler for the joints/space in-between tiles once the floor or wall tile you are installing has been set.

When you install your floor or wall tiles, you will need grout and you need the right grout to match the colour of your beautiful tiles or make them stand out.

Tile Grout is an essential part of your tile installation and choosing the right grout can make all the difference between an installation that looks and performs beautifully over time.

What Grout Colours Are Available?

See below all the different grout colours we have, use the filter below to find the one you are looking for.






How Much Grout Do I Need?

A standard 5 Kg grout bag covers approximately 15m²