All Wall Tiles

All Wall Tiles

  1. -10%
    Special Price KES 2,105 / m2 was KES 2,339 / m2
  2. -10%
    Bevelled Ivory Shiny Ceramic Wall Tile - 100 x 300mm

    Bevelled Edges For Vintage Brick Effect

    Special Price KES 2,474 / m2 was KES 2,749 / m2
  3. -10%
    Special Price KES 2,015 / m2 was KES 2,239 / m2
  4. -10%
    Special Price KES 2,060.10 / m2 was KES 2,289 / m2
  5. -7%
    Special Price KES 2,129 / m2 was KES 2,289 / m2
  6. -5%
    Special Price KES 2,175 / m2 was KES 2,289 / m2
  7. -10%
    Special Price KES 2,069 / m2 was KES 2,299 / m2
  8. -7%
    Special Price KES 2,464 / m2 was KES 2,649 / m2
  9. -10%
    Special Price KES 2,402 / m2 was KES 2,669 / m2
  10. KES 2,629 / m2
  11. -7%
    Special Price KES 1,199 / m2 was KES 1,289 / m2
  12. -5%
    Special Price KES 2,840 / m2 was KES 2,989 / m2
  13. -5%
    Special Price KES 2,992 / m2 was KES 3,149 / m2
  14. -10%
    Special Price KES 1,124 / m2 was KES 1,249 / m2
  15. -10%
    Special Price KES 1,133 / m2 was KES 1,259 / m2
  16. -5%
    Special Price KES 769 / m2 was KES 809 / m2
  17. -10%
    Special Price KES 1,286 / m2 was KES 1,429 / m2
  18. Bevelled Black Shiny Ceramic Wall Tile - 100 x 300mm

    Bevelled Edges For Vintage Brick Effect

    KES 2,879 / m2
  19. Bevelled Grey Shiny Ceramic Wall Tile - 100 x 300mm

    Bevelled Edges For Vintage Brick Effect

    KES 2,749 / m2
  20. -12%
    Special Price KES 3,009 / m2 was KES 3,419 / m2
  21. -15%
    Special Price KES 2,932 / m2 was KES 3,449 / m2
  22. -5%
    Special Price KES 1,852 / m2 was KES 1,949 / m2
  23. -5%
    Special Price KES 1,168 / m2 was KES 1,229 / m2
  24. -10%
    Special Price KES 2,114 / m2 was KES 2,349 / m2
  25. -5%
    Special Price KES 2,460 / m2 was KES 2,589 / m2
  26. -10%
    Special Price KES 2,249 / m2 was KES 2,499 / m2
  27. -7%
    Special Price KES 743 / m2 was KES 799 / m2
  28. -5%
    Special Price KES 2,374 / m2 was KES 2,499 / m2

CTM offers an unbeatable selection of wall tiles that will suit any style and application. We have the widest range of tiles in East Africa, with hundreds of unique designs, finishes and colours to choose from.

CTM wall tiles are made of the highest quality materials and are designed to last for years. We offer the latest in fashion, making sure your home is up to date with the most modern tile trends and the newest technology.

Check out CTM online now for all your tile, floor, walls, bathroom, kitchen and décor design inspiration and products.

Tiles v/s Wallpaper

Whether you choose our glossy glass mosaic tiles or matt finish wall tiles, a tiled wall is always easier to maintain than paint or wallpaper, allowing you to focus on the more essential aspects of your life, like your family, cooking & work.

Did you know tiles are more hygienic and are a much lower-maintenance option? Tiles are easier to clean with their wipe-and-go features and, in turn, are more hygienic than wallpaper, especially in areas like bathrooms, kitchens and laundry areas.

Our Wall Tile Range

The wide range of floor tiles for sale at CTM are perfect for every style, look and occasion. Whether you’re wanting to tile inside or out, you’ll find a look and feel that is perfectly suited to your unique personality, requirements and style.

When you shop at CTM online, you’ll be able to shop by popular looks, including marble, stone, wood, subway and stone wall cladding, to name but a few of our most popular looks.

For all tiles, both large and small, and in every hue and colour possible, shop the CTM wall tile range now.

Wall Tiles to Fit Every Specification

Whether you’re tiling your master bathroom wall or your living room feature wall or outdoor area, find the perfect wall tile design for your home now at CTM. View our latest collection of wall tiles now and order yours online today!

We have CTM stores all over Kenya from Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumu, Thika, Diani and Eldoret. We also have stores in South Africa, Tanzania, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland. Find your nearest CTM Kenya store now.

Have you tried our Tile Visualizer app online yet? Get a real feel for what your room would look like with a range of tile choices in the virtual display. This clever app from CTM allows you to see your tile choice in your room before you buy it – making sure you are 100% certain of your tile selection.


Where To Purchase Wall Tiles?

At CTM, of course! We have the latest designs in international and local trends in wall tiles. CTM has a wide range of tiles that will match the theme of your new home or the room you are renovating.

What Material Is Best For Wall Tiles?

Bot material, ceramic and porcelain, is suitable for a wall installation. Most of floor tiles can be installed on the wall as well. We recommend you use the right spacing and adhesive for best and long lasting results.

Visit CTM now and we’ll help you choose the best wall tiles for your space.

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