Mars White Wall Hung Cabinet and Mirror Cabinet - 600 x 450 x 500mm

Excludes Tap And Waste Fitting

Mars White Wall Hung Cabinet and Mirror Cabinet - 600 x 450 x 500mm

Excludes Tap And Waste Fitting

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The Mars bathroom cabinet is a contemporary wall hung bathroom furniture consisting of a basin cabinet and wall hung mirror cupboard, ideal for when storage is key in your bathroom.

This bathroom vanity unit is perfect for space saving in your small bathroom. Now you can store your cosmetics, towels, toiletries and other bathroom accessories within the vanity unit's cabinet, below the ceramic sink.

This vanity unit is wall mounted, which gives the room the appearance of more space, with additional floor space visible below the unit. It also comes with a mirror cabinet giving you that additional storage space for quick access.


  • Size: 600mmx450mmx500mm.
  • Imported from Turkey.
  • Includes a high quality ceramic basin with one tap hole.
  • Includes an overflow - requires a slotted basin waste.
  • Gloss White Finish.
  • The body is made from Melamine Particalboard while the doors are High Gloss PET, MDF.
  • Chrome handles.
  • Two cupboard doors under the basin and one on the mirror cabinet.
  • Soft Close Doors.
  • Basin Tap & Waste not included.

Tools you’ll need:

  • Rubber hammer.
  • Electric drill.
  • Pencil.
  • Sealant gun.
  • Spirit level.
  • Standard screwdrivers.
  • Tape measure.

Check you have the following:

  • Ceramic Basin
  • Basin Cabinet
  • Mirror Cabinet
  • Screws and Plugs
  • Clips and hooks
  • Silicone sealant

Step 1. Turn Off Your Water and Remove Your Old Bathroom Cabinet.

  • Before you remove the old vanity, you need to first turn off the water supply to the tap on the angle valve and disconnect the bottle trap waste.
  • Tip: Cut newspapers to match the size of the cabinet. Place the newspaper on the wall with masking tape to determine the best placement for your basin cabinet and the wall mounted mirror.
  • Use a pencil and a spirit level to draw a line marking on the newspaper where the bottom edge of the cabinet should be placed on the wall.


Step 2. Unbox Your New Bathroom Vanity.

  • Once the old vanity is removed you can unbox your new bathroom vanity and remove all the accessories from the box.
  • Check the brackets and mark the position of the holes you will need to drill on the newspaper. Do this for the bottom cabinet first and then the top mirror cabinet.
  • Tip: You can draw the outline of the cabinet in the newspaper to show you where the cabinet will be mounted. This will allow you to adjust the height of the basin cabinet and avoid drilling multiple holes.

Step 3. Drill Your Mounting Holes.

  • Drill the holes in the wall which you will screw in the mounting brackets.
  • Once the holes have been drilled you can insert the plugs and screw in the brackets.
  • If your basin and mirror cabinet comes flat packed than you will first need to assemble it as per the instruction manual.
  • Mount the basin cabinet onto the brackets you have just fixed on the wall. Remove your newspaper and masking tape.
  • Once the basin cabinet is secure you can fix the mirror cabinet and hang it onto the wall.

Step 4. Mount Ceramic Basin, Tap and Waste Connection.

  • Place the ceramic basin on top of the cabinet. Install the tap onto the ceramic basin hole and connect the flexi connectors to the angle valves.
  • Connect the popup waste and the rod to the tap. The bottle trap will connect to this popup waste. Make sure the rod to activate the popup are also connected to the tap.
  • Once this is done you can place the ceramic basin on top of the basin cabinet.
  • Check all the connections and make sure everything is securely fastened.

Step 5. Installation Complete.

  • Turn the water back on and if no leaks are found the installation is now complete.
  • Make sure you use soapy water and a soft clean cloth for regular cleaning of your cabinet. We do not recommend to use any strong chemicals to clean your new beautiful bathroom vanity.
  • Now you can enjoy your brand new bathroom cabinet.


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