Pro Grip White Mosaic Adhesive & Grout - 5 Kg

For All Glass & Stone Mosaic Tiles.

Pro Grip White Mosaic Adhesive & Grout - 5 Kg

For All Glass & Stone Mosaic Tiles.
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PROGRIP STONE & GLASS MOSAIC ADHESIVE is a specifically designed high strength cement based polymer modified adhesive recommended for fixing and grouting of stone, glass and reconstituted stone mosaics onto all types of cement based substrates and pre-primed surfaces.

This adhesive is suitable for both wall and floor applications, for installing tiles in intermittently wet areas as well as in underwater conditions i.e. swimming pools and showers. This product includes MILDEW BLOCK, which actively protects against the growth of mildew and algae.

Due to the fine nature of this adhesive, it is also suitable for use as a grouting compound whenever its antimicrobial properties are required e.g. showers, bathrooms etc.




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Application & Installation

  • The mesh on the mosaic tile does not assist in the adhesion process and the mosaics must be firmly bedded using a mosaic adhesive like our Pro Grip White Mosaic Fix.
  • The back of the mosaic sheets must be clean and dry.
  • The mosaics must not be contaminated with dirt, dust or powder.
  • The installation of the mosaics must be done in one operation in order to obtain a cleaner level installation.
  • Pro Grip White Mosaic Fix is recommended to be used as the adhesive and grout.

How To Install Mosaic Tiles

1. Checking The Installation Surface

  • The installation surface must be smooth and clean to ensure proper installation.
  • It may be necessary to hack the wall to allow the adhesive to be able to set properly.
  • Make sure the wall is dry and dust free before applying the adhesive.

How To Install Mosaic Tiles

2. Guide Lines

  • Measure the space in which the mosaic is being installed to determine the best fit for your tile.
  • Use a straight edge and level to help you align the tile as you work.
  • Construct a grid on the substrate that is equal to nine sheets of the tile.

Tip : Be sure to account for the spaces between each sheet of tile when measuring. It woudl help to dry lay the mosiac tiles on the floor first for you to see where you will be able to install the tiles with minimum cutting.

How To Install Mosaic Tiles

3. Applying Pro Grip White Mosaic Fix

Mix the Pro Grip White Mosaic Fix adhesive.

First coat: apply setting material with the smooth edge of a trowel to a section no larger than one section of the grid.

Second coat: create even ridges in the setting material by “combing” the material with the notched edge of the trowel

Tip : Do not apply any adhesive to the mosaic sheet.

How To Install Mosaic Tiles

4. Installing the Tile

  • Most sheets of mosaic have a clear film covering on the front face of the tile. This allows the mosaic design to be seen during installation.
  • Apply the back meshed side of each sheet into the adhesive.
  • Using a float tool, tap across the surface to adhere the mosaic securely into the adhesive.

Tip : The space between each sheet of tile should equal the space between each individual mosaic tile. Use a spacer that is of equal size.

How To Install Mosaic Tiles

5. Securing Mosaic Sheets

  • It is important to create a secure bond between the tiles and the adhesive.
  • Using the float tool tap across the surface to adhere the mosaic securely.
  • This also ensures the final exposed plane of the mosaic is consistent and uniform in height.

How To Install Mosaic Tiles

6. Adjusting Spacing

  • This can be a time consuming process, but is important to ensure a professional installation.
  • Adjust while the adhesive is still wet.
  • Correct any tiles that are uneven and ensure that all gaps are of equal width and height. Do this by cutting through the clear tape and moving tiles with a small trowel.

How To Install Mosaic Tiles

7. Grouting

  • Grout can be applied to a clean, dry surface.
  • Before applying grout be sure that the mosaic surface is clean and all clear sheets are removed from the tiles.
  • Thorough cleaning may involve removing excess adhesive from the mosaic joint with a knife, as well as cleaning off all dust and particles.
  • Spread grout from the bottom up in a diagonal direction using a rubber grout applicator.

How To Install Mosaic Tiles

8. Cleaning

  • The mosaic should be cleaned after the grouting is complete.
  • Use a sponge and clean water and scrub in a circular motion, removing excess grout and smoothing all joints. Continue to wipe down the tiles until clean.