Tivoli Porta Romana Chrome Basin Mixer Pillar Type

With Fixed Spout

Tivoli Porta Romana Chrome Basin Mixer Pillar Type

With Fixed Spout

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If you are looking for a highly contemporary tap to add the finishing touches to your bathroom, this stunning mixer from our Tivoli Porta Romana collection could be just what you're after. Specially designed for use with ceramic basins, this tap has been manufactured in chrome plated brass for both durability and a sparkling finish. It can be used with other taps from our Tivoli range to create a flowing style throughout your home.

Our Tivoli Taps are beautifully designed and manufactured in Italy since 1959. All products are manufactured by robotic machinery according to the highest European standards.

To avoid any disappointments with your Porta Romana Basin Tap please make sure that you have balanced water pressure in your home.


  • Bold, round and uncompromisingly modern design.
  • Single Lever.
  • Pillar Type.
  • Colour/Finish: Chrome Polished.
  • Includes a manual 32mm 1"1/4 slotted pop-up waste with rod.
  • Includes two flexi connectors to connect the tap with the cold and hot water supply.
  • Ceramic disc control for smooth action and no drips.
  • Simple lever operation for flow and temperature control.
  • Water Inlet: Two (hot and cold water).
  • The Aerator* creates a nice bubbly flow of water. Can easily be removed for cleaning.
  • Flow rate 6 litre/min at 3 bar pressure.

* A tap aerator is designed to reduce the required flow of water, which will in turn reduce your water usage in the long run. Tap aerators have many tiny holes in them as seen in the photo above. This separates the water into different streams which allows air to mix with the water flow, creating a nice bubbly champagne flow of water and reducing the amount of water you need to use.

10 Year Guarantee On The Body 10 Year Guarantee
Exclusive To CTM Exclusive To CTM
Water Saving Feature Water Saving Feature
Easy To Install Easy To Install & Maintain
Modern style Modern Style & Design
Made in Italy Made In Italy

Step 1. Turn Off Your Water and Remove Your Old Tap

  • Before you remove the old tap, you need to first turn off the water supply for both hot and cold water from the mains supply.
  • Then, run the hot and cold taps in your house for a few minutes to drain any excess water and ensure the mains is definitely switched off.
  • Make sure all your taps remain open to prevent an air lock. If you have angle valves connected than you can simply switch these off and do not need to turn off the mains.
  • Get under your basin and unscrew the nut that locks the basin to your old tap.


Step 2. Unbox Your New Tap

  • Once the old tap is removed you can unbox your new tap and remove all the accessories from the box.
  • Make sure you connect the flexi connectors firmly to your tap first, then feed into the basin hole, so your tap sits on top of your basin. This makes it much easier to install, with the flexi connectors poking out below.
  • There may be a rubber washer included with the tap to make sure the tap sits firmly. Screw the nut tightly onto the threads at the bottom. Make sure your tap is now gripped on to your basin and does not shake.


Step 3. Connect To Water Outlets

  • You can now connect the other end of the flexi connectors to the wall water outlets. Keep in mind which connects to the hot and cold water.
  • If your tap comes with a pop-up waste then you will need to assemble the popup and rod to the tap first and adjust the length to fit your basin.

Step 4. Checks and Precautions

  • We recommend you use a plumbing tape for all the threaded connections
  • Make sure all the flexi connectors are not tangled or bent.
  • Close all connectors tightly and turn the water back on. Please connect the bottle trap to the popup waste if applicable.
  • Check all connections and the pop-up waste for any leaks. You can also push the rod up and down to test and make sure the popup opens and closes. 
  • Turn the tap on and make sure the water is mixing equally and water running smoothly.

Step 5. Installation Complete

  • Once the water is running and no leaks are found the installation is complete.
  • Make sure you use soapy water and a soft clean cloth for regular cleaning of your tap. We do not recommend to use any strong chemicals to clean your new beautiful tap.
  • Now you can enjoy your brand new tap.


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