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Tile Care And Maintenance

Tips To Keep Your Tiles Looking Good!

Congratulations - your tiles are now installed and you & your family are ready to enjoy them.
Below are some helpful tips to keep them looking good!


How To Clean Indoor Tiles

How To Clean Indoor Tiles

Tiles look beautiful once installed and are very easy to maintain. Although dirt and dust can accumulate overtime, some regular light cleaning will keep your tiles looking as good as new.

  • First, you should vacuum or sweep the tiles to remove loose dirt and dust from the surface.
  • For a thorough clean, use the ProCare Daily cleaner available from CTM. You can mix this with warm water in a damp cloth and apply to the tiled floor you wish to clean.
  • If you are using a mop, then it should grab the surface and lift off most dirt with a little pressure. A damp mop is better than a wet one for a streak-free clean.
  • Work from one side of the room to the other and avoid walking on the tiles until they are completely dry.
Tips On How To Clean Tiles

Extra Tips

  • Steam mops are a popular alternative if you are cleaning polished porcelain tiles.
  • Never use polishes or abrasive cleaners on tiles such as steel wool or steel brushes.
  • If you notice a dull haze on your tiles just after your installation, don't panic! This may just be grout or adhesive residue left over and is easily washed off after the tile installation job. Contact CTM product expert and we can supply you with the correct cleaner and instructions.
How To Clean outdoor Tiles

How To Clean Outdoor Tiles

  • Use a pipe or hose to wet the area down with water.
  • Scrub or sweep with a strong Bristled broom or brush. Make sure the brush is not hard enough to damage the glaze on the tiles or cause scratches.
  • We recommend you use ProCare Daily for removing mild stains and dirt
  • To finish cleaning, rinse the area with the pipe and remove excess dirt/cleaner left behind. For larger areas, work in sections starting closest to the house and work away from the wall.
  • For cleaning natural stone speak to our CTM product expert for more information and advice.
How To Maintain Grout Lines

How To Maintain Grout Lines

  • Once your tiles are installed, we recommend you seal your grout lines with TFC grout seal or shower seal spray. It is simple and easy to apply, just spray/pour the sealer on the grout line and apply with a sponge or squeegee. It won't affect the colour of your grout or your tiles and will seal (protect) the grout line to assist in ongoing/regular cleaning.
  • To refresh grout, use the ProCare Off available to buy from CTM. The ProCare Off is an acid and has to be bought with ProCare Ultra which helps to neutralize surfaces after they have been acid washed.
This is general information only, we recommend you also seek advice based on your own circumstances. Test all tile cleaners on a small area first before use and follow directions on the bottle.


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